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DIARY OF A BABY: An African Village Life As Told By A Baby!

Picture an African baby fastened to the back of his/her mother as she performs various bone-breaking assignments – using a hoe to prepare the hard soil for planting, using her bare hands to wash a pile of dirty linen for the whole family, splitting firewood with an axe, etc. As Mum goes about her burdensome daily chores, sweating under the scorching African sun, the head of the baby who may be settled or unsettled keeps flying back and forth in the air.
If only the little baby could express in words how uncomfortable he/she would be feeling under this stressful situation! This captivating, engaging and enchanting book comes to the aid of the little baby!
The author who grew up under similar circumstances, gives a baby growing up under the harsh conditions of an African village, the voice, indeed the opportunity of sharing his early life experiences with the reader. His accounts begin right from her mother’s womb, from the onset of the birth pangs! No sooner had he been ejected from the serene surroundings of mother’s womb into the outside world than he is surprised by a cacophony of noises from various sources and directions—humans, sheep, dogs, goats, fowl, etc. Barely has he had time to study his new environment than he is surrounded by several strange human faces, those who had poured into his home from all over the settlement to welcome the new arrival to their midst.
What other experiences—fascinating, enchanting, horrifying, weird—you name them!–await our new visitor! Readers are invited to follow this young journalist as he narrates his early life stories with wit and humor.


Price:  USD 12.50

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