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DISABILITY NIGHTMARE: An account of suffering and horrendous treatment methods for an ailing leg

In Disability Nightmare, the author, a medical doctor, narrates his real-life experience of living with a disability.
Growing up in an impoverished rural village in 1960s Ghana, his left ankle was afflicted with a mysterious condition when he was about twelve years old, which led to an interruption in his schooling.
Follow the desperate attempts of his parents as they consult various traditional medical practitioners for help and wonder at some of the dreadful treatment methods employed. Conventional medicine doesn’t end his woes either, as you will find out. Partly resulting from his suffering, the author resolves to study medicine, which sees him make a daring journey to then-West Germany.
Just as he thinks the thorn in his flesh will leave him in peace to enjoy his new environment, it catches up with him again in West Berlin. Will medicine ‘Made in Germany’ bring the long-awaited cure?


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