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Disease Prevention through Godly Living

I am sharing with the Christian world in particular and the world in general a series of articles to the theme :“Disease prevention through Godly Living”

Part One

Prevention is better than cure—that is a well-known saying.
For example, instead of treating a patient with full blown clinical symptoms of cholera, it is better in the first place to provide the individual with clean drinking water, clean sanitation and also to educate the individual about the need to maintain good personal hygiene.
Disease prevention also involves maintaining good personal hygiene, drinking clean water, eating a balanced diet and exercising the body on a regular basis.
We are all agreed on the conventional disease prevention measures, the type of which I have just touched upon.
But have we paused to consider the huge disease-preventing potential of the Word of God? It might indeed not have occurred to us, but it is indeed true that the mere adherence to the teachings of scripture, could avert several diseases.
Accepted, we may not be able to prevent every kind of disease afflicting fallen Mankind, by accepting and abiding by the Word of Scripture. Still, it is my deep conviction that we could indeed avert many kinds of diseases, not only those affecting the body, but also those affecting the mind if we would accept and keep to the teachings of Scripture.
Now let us consider Matthew 6: 25-34 ( For the sake of space, I am not reproducing the whole passage of scripture ; readers are employed to read the whole passage)

Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.’ The definition of tomorrow is—‘the day following (or after) today.’Now, as we are living today, the day following today has not yet arrived, has it? We are indeed always living in the today! Why then do you and I allow the problems of tomorrow, yes, the day after today, to burden us, to cause us a headache today? Today is today; tomorrow never comes—it’s as simple as that! And yet how often do we permit the problems of tomorrow to weigh on our brains, yes, to burden us to the extent that some of us eventually end up on the psychiatric ward!
Let us take a concrete example—the threat of job loss. That could lead to anxious thoughts—how we will feed ourselves and our family, how we will pay our utility bills, how we will pay our rent or mortgage, and how that
might lead to the repossession of our homes, etc. As the fear of the possible loss of our job tomorrow (tomorrow, that in effect never comes) persists, so also would the thickness of the dark cloud of despair surrounding us increase, to the extent it could lead us to consider ending it all!
We may indeed still have our jobs—only the threat of losing it might be looming over our heads. Still, we suffer anxiety and sleep disturbance as a result.

Now the Lord Jesus Christ is not saying that we should not make the effort to avert the situation. We may for example apply for other jobs. We could also consider the possibility of becoming self- employed. What He is urging us is to do our best in the situation and leave the rest to Him. Our efforts, backed by our prayers, can change the situation, whereas our anxiety, sleep disturbance and depression cannot. Indeed, if only we could accept those words of the Lord with childlike faith, how many problems that plague us—anxiety, tension headaches, sleep disturbance, depression, would be averted. Why does that matter to our health?
The immune system is there to help us prevent diseases. anxiety, tension headaches, sleep disturbance, depression, could lead to weakening of our immune defences, which could lead us to become susceptible to various kinds of diseases.

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