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In this readable book the author, a Christian doctor, revisits the Healing Miracles of the Doctor Who Knows No Bounds, and brings vividly to mind the dramatic and very real...
$6.99 $5.60
A health education manual, clearly written , in a friendly and easy to follow manner that will make it invaluable for the layperson to come to grips with the essential...
$9.99 $8.00
It is an uplifting and encouraging book, showing how faith in God and a firm goal together with perseverance will lead to success.
$9.99 $8.00
In it, medical doctor and creationist Dr Robert Peprah-Gyamfi uses his leaning and insight as a doctor to defuse the theory of evolution and makes a case in favour of...
$7.99 $6.40
This is a health education manual with a difference and examines the nature of disease to the origin to the fall of man in Eden
$9.99 $8.00

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