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Seeing God Through the Human Body

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Seeing God through the Human Body: A Doctor’s Meditation on the Human Miracle is a head-on confrontation with the theory of evolution. In it, medical doctor and creationist Dr Robert Peprah-Gyamfi uses his leaning and insight as a doctor to defuse the theory of evolution and makes a case in favour of an Intelligent Designer, God Almighty, in the creation of the human body. Appealing to common sense and drawing upon his medical knowledge, the author argues that the functioning and design of the various organs of the body—the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, etc.—are so intricate and marvellous that they could only have come about through remarkably clever forethought and planning.
The breast of a mother producing milk to sustain her helpless child after birth; the heart in our chest pumping blood to keep us alive; the liver carrying on complex synthetic and detoxification reactions tp help sustain us—all of these and several other wonders occurring
in our body point to the hand of a Supreme Being, God Almighty.






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