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The Call that Changed My Life

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Those who follow the English Premier League , will remember that Leicester City won the league title in the 2015/2016 season. It was indeed an extraordinary achievement, for at the beginning of the season the bookers placed the chances of that happening at 5000-1. I do ask myself: at the time of my birth in a makeshift bathroom of our home in the impoverished little village Mpintimpi, in rural Ghana, how would the bookers have considered the chances of the little poor child ever making all the way to medical school in Germany – a million-to-one, perhaps? The Call that changed my life is an account of how the almost impossible eventually became possible in my life.

When I was growing up there was no school at Mpintimpi so I together with other children of school going age had to walk two miles to the next big village Nyafoman to school. Eventually I gained admission to the second cycle school at Akim Oda , the district capital to continue my education. After five years secondary school education, I passed out of the Oda Secondary School in 1976. From there I moved on to the Mfantsipim School at Cape Coast to do a two year sixth form course. In June 1978, I sat for my General Certificate of Education (G.C.E) “A” Levels.

My dream at that time was to attend the Ghana Medical School in Accra. I felt at that time that it was a goal that was attainable. As already mentioned, my parents were not rich and did not have contacts to higher places. Still thought I could attain good “A” Level grades that could guarantee me a place at medical school. Tuition was not only free at the University at that time, boarding and lodging were as well. Besides that there was a loan scheme which guaranteed cheap loans to students.

In view of my poor background, I did not consider travelling abroad to further my studies an option. It was just at the time when I was awaiting my results that I made conscious decision to follow the Lord Jesus. About two weeks after my conversion the A-Level results were
released. Although I passed in all the four subjects, I did not attain the first class results I had expected, the grades that would have catapulted me straight into one of the two medical schools in the country. In the end I was offered a degree course in Natural Science.

Just as I was dealing with the disappointment, I had a vision, in which I happened to be walking on the streets of a settlement which happened to be in Europe. Shortly thereafter, I gained a scholarship to study medicine in the then Soviet Union. Just as I was rejoicing over the prospect of leaving Ghana to study medicine in Eastern Europe, my name was removed from the list of the selected .

Just about that time , the Christian sister who led me to Christ moved to settle in Germany, to be followed a short while later by her husband. They encouraged me to make efforts to move to join them in Germany . I could apply to study at a Germany university. I did not need, even as a foreign student, to pay tuition, I was told. Unable to pay for my flight from Ghana to Germany, I decided to travel to Nigeria to work with the hope of earning the money required for the German ticket.

On my arrival in Nigeria , I initially, did odd jobs at various construction sites to earn a living. In the course of time I gained employment as a secondary school teacher. After staying in Nigeria for about 18 months, I saved enough money to enable me purchase a plane ticket to the then East Berlin, from where I moved to West Berlin. On my arrival in Germany I had to surmount several seemingly insurmountable obstacles before, I eventually gained admission to the Hanover Medical School.

The Call that Changed My Life is a detailed account of my journey from my little village to the Hanover Medical School in Germany. It is an uplifting and encouraging book, showing how faith in God and a firm goal together with perseverance will lead to success.



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